Roles and Benefits of EvoTestNet

EvoTest Associate Partner Network (EvoTestNet)

Roles and benefits to Associate Partners

As an EvoTest Associate Partner you will become part of an EU project initiative which is at the forefront of building upon the lead European science and technology in evolutionary testing and search based software testing. The EvoTest Associate Partner Network comprises private and public organizations, projects and networks, whether small or large. SMEs are particularly welcome.

As an Associate Partner you will enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • have immediate access to a selection of the latest public project deliverables
  • be invited to participate in on-line and real-life project discussions and events
  • participate in test beds, pilots and demonstrators
  • be provided with links to other professional communities in the life-long learning domain

Depending on your organization’s profile and ambitions, you can opt for different roles in the Network:



Your profile

Your benefits

Your obligations



User organization

You are a potential user of the EvoTest testing tools.

You will be able to help to shape the EvoTest framework to better fit your specific testing needs, and be assisted in implementing early versions of the EvoTest tools in your organization.

You actively participate in the assessment of our EvoTest technologies and/or broadening the application areas by providing:

·         real case studies,

·         use cases,

·         test scenarios,

·         test objectives,

·         test suites

·         test requirements

·         etc…..

and by participating in EvoTest online discussions.

Technology provider or Research Institution

You are working on technologies that  might be integrated with our EvoTest tools. For example:

· evolutionary testing,

· search based software engineering

· static analysis

· program transformation

· search techniques

You will get access to a selection of technical documentation, discussions, testing sessions etc.

You actively cooperate with the EvoTest partners in order to integrate your results into EvoTest tools and/or jointly disseminate on the results. Moreover, you will participate and initiate EvoTest online discussions.

Project or network in the field of software testing

You are a project, consortium, or network.

You will get access to a selection of public project documentation, discussions, testing sessions etc.

You actively follow EvoTest developments and start discussions on how to harmonize RTD and dissemination activities with EvoTest.

Application procedure

All types of organizations can apply for membership as an Associate Partner. This explicitly includes SMEs! Individuals are also invited to participate in EvoTest activities and should contact Tanja Vos ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for further details.

Prospective Associate Partners are invited to fill in and submit the Application Form available as an attachment below to Tanja Vos ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

·         The fit and added value of your organisation to the EvoTest activities

  • The availability of your organisation's resources to participate in EvoTestNet activities

The EvoTest Executive Committee will assess the applications, and based on your profile you will receive a proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Such a MoU will specify:

  • Your formal agreement with the EvoTest objectives and strategy.
  • Your organization’s aims for the participation and the EvoTest work area you are most interested in.
  • The activities, their timing, and the expected outcomes you would like to contribute to.
  • The resources required from the Consortium and from you.
  • Your formal agreement with the fact that all deliverables created by you as an Associate Partner relating to the EvoTest infrastructure will be released on the EvoTest website.
  • Your formal agreement with the fact that your organization can be named as a EvoTest Associate Partner in public communications.